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Kings Court Apartments

139-145 Kings Highway, Dover, Delaware, is located next door to the Governor of Delaware's home.  It was originally a large Victorian home and a carriage house.  In the early 1990's a 30-unit two and three-bedroom apartment complex with elevator was constructed on the back of the property near the St. Jones River.  The original home and carriage house have been converted into small apartments.  This apartment complex is most popular with those individuals who enjoy the historic atmosphere of Old Dover.  The apartments are within walking distance of the United States Post Office, the Dover Public Library, the Dover Historic District, City of Dover Offices and State of Delaware Visitor's Center.  Sorry, effective November 01, 2018 new pets will no longer be welcomed into the Front House (139 Kings Highway) at Kings Court Apartments.

1 Bedroom w/ Sunroom & 2 Bath

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               Only 1 available!

This truly unique 1 Bedroom with Sunroom, 2 Bath Apartment exudes quality historical character.  Located in the Front House at Kings Court Apartments, the apartment boasts a spacious floor plan, wooden parquet floors, non-functioning built-in fireplace, modern appliances, with entrance door off private porch/patio.  Be the Governor's neighbor!

2 Bedroom 2 Bath Kings Court Apartments, $1,015/mo

Kings Court Apartments  -  Only 1 available!
Renting for $1,015.00 per month, this 1,027 square foot apartment is in the Historic District of Dover, next to the Governors Mansion.  It features 2 bedrooms with 2 full baths, and is conveniently located on the DART bus route. 

3 Bedroom 2 Bath Kings Court Apartments $1,195/Mo.

                          Only 1 Available!
Renting for $1,195.00 per month, this 1,213 square foot apartment features 3 bedrooms, with 2 full baths, and is located in the Historic District of Dover, next to the Governors Mansion.